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 K3 Characters

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Devashroud Second in Command
Devashroud Second in Command

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PostSubject: K3 Characters   Fri May 23, 2014 7:00 pm

Post the forms for them here if you need to...which I think we do. XP
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Devashroud Apprentice
Devashroud Apprentice

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PostSubject: Re: K3 Characters   Fri May 23, 2014 7:44 pm

Name: Finn Agito (Subject 7)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Echidna
Description: Black hair fur and quills with blue tint around the edges. About 5' 2” 125 with a somewhat muscular build. Orange and black straight jacket with hooks on the straps on the sleeves. Used as weapons when unhooked. Wears a set of complex roller blades (Will be explained as the story goes on) One eye is blue and normal looking and the other is gold and oval shaped like a shark's eye.
Personality: Has multiple personality disorder. One is really nice and somewhat childish, the other is really sadistic and also a total badass.
Bio: Bred for battle, Ryan meddled with Finn's consciousness so he wouldn't be just a mindless WMD. This led to his split personality with his lighter side winning over control of the body...most of the time. Agito, is the other side that mainly fight the battles while Finn seems to just kinda put on a happy face when the time calls for it. Doesn't remember a lot from back when he was “born” and of the first 10 he's the only one that was born in a test tube. He was created using DNA from a mix of the first 7 (to include Zero himself) subjects in an attempt to create the perfect war machine...unfortunately it didn't exactly work due to Ryan's meddling.
Powers: Control over gravity (must be in direct contact) Electrokinesis

Weapons (if any): Hooks on the jacket and the air pressure generated by the skates
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K3 Characters
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